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Choose the miggo that suits your camera

Is there a weight limit for the use of various miggo products?

Strap&Wrap / Grip&Wrap /Agua products:

miggo products are designed to carry the total weight of all kinds of camera + lens combinations,
suitable in size to the strap or grip itself. In other words, if it fits – it’s fine.

Splat Tripods:

The weight limit can be found on the product’s  specs.

How do I know which agua model fits my camera?

We have products that fit all kinds of shapes and sized cameras. From Compacts, Mirrorless to DSLR, we have the perfect case just for you.

Can I use agua with long lens attached, such as 70-200mm?

Agua is designed to accommodate only medium length lenses. In any case, before you order, we recommend that you check your gear dimensions to ensure it fits within the agua of your choice.

Can I put more than one lens into the agua?

No. Agua is designed to carry a camera and a single lens so as to provide photographers with high usability and quick draw capability with excellent protection against storm conditions.

In agua carrier, where can I keep my spare camera battery?

You can keep your spare battery inside the storm-proof “SideKick” pouch, which can be purchased separately.

How do I clean my miggo?

  • While in use, keep miggo as clean as possible.
  • Brush and air-blow dust and dirt on a regular basis to prevent it from accumulating.
  • Keep the zippers and buckles clean from dust and dirt (and if necessary, oil the zippers slightly).
  • Try and avoid unnecessary over-exposure to direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold, moisture, humidity, seawater, chemicals, fuels etc.
  • When miggo is extremely dirty, remove the screw and hand-wash in lukewarm water up to 30° Celsius / 86° Fahrenheit using a mild soap.
  • Gently scrub with brush or sponge then drip dry in the shade.
  • Do not machine wash, wring, use starch, tumble dry, iron, use chemical detergents or wash at high temperatures.

What is the difference between agua’s strap and the “Two-way speed strap”?

The strap supplied with agua is a high quality and comfortable strap with convenient features: quick-disconnecting of the strap from the bag; quick connectors secured through fail safe buckles; quick adjustment mechanism of the strap length for perfectly fit to the body using just one hand. The two-way speed strap offers the same features, but also includes the sling connector that screws into the bottom of the camera to create a Sling strap. This feature enables the photographer to choose which connection method to use at any given moment – underneath (sling) or classic from both sides of the camera.

What is IPX3 standard?

IPX3 is an international standard that defines the exact amount of water washed over the product being tested, at any given time. Agua was successfully tested at such a test. The official IPX3 standard states: IPX3 Protected against spraying water: water spraying up to 60º from vertical at 10 liters per minute for 5 minutes at a pressure of 80-100kN/m2. To adhere to this standard, we perform strict tests at a special “wet” lab, located at the factory which manufactures our bags. In addition, just to be sure, we put the bags through a series of intensive field tests.

What is the difference between Splat and Gekkopod?

We are collaborating with a local design firm called “Zuckerim” who came up with the basic concept. While they are making flexible tripod for Smartphones, we designed and produced 3 models for action, compact and DSLR cameras.

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