Agua-75 Stormproof Messenger Bag


Meet the Agua Messenger by miggo – your partner for the city… in any situation and in all weather. Try it out and enjoy its modern design without giving up on uncompromising carrying comfort and proven protection for your photography gear against whatever it is nature throws at you!

The Agua Messenger is suitable for large DSLRs such as the Canon 5D mark 4 (without battery pack) + 70-200 mm. f/2.8 + 2X 24-70 mm. f/2.8 lenses + flash unit and plenty of space for personal items, such as a 14.5” laptop and more – all protected from the elements.

We’ll admit that it was fun, but our designers and engineers worked really hard to combine these especially handy features into the Agua Messenger:


  • IPX3 rain-proof standard: Protected against spraying water – water spraying up to 60 degrees from vertical at 10 liters/min. at a pressure of 80-100kN/m2 for 5 min. Fits camera’s body + lens
  • Photo gear insert bag with 4 detachable dividers
  • Utility Pouch
  • Strap Duel Connecting System (SDCS): 2” )50 mm) shoulder strap with quick adjusting buckle
  • Diagonal stabilizing strap
  • IPX3 protected front pocket
  • Foldable thermo-forming reinforced bottom
  • Tripod holder
  • Trolley insert
  • Inner pocket for lens cover and memory card
  • Organizer
  • Water bottle mesh pocket
  • Color: Black

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  1. Perfect protection from all weather, conforming to IPX3 standards.

Crazy weather outside? There’s no reason to panic, and certainly no reason to stop snapping pictures. The Agua Messenger provides proven protection from rain, snow, dust, sand and more, to keep your expensive gear always protected and always ready for use.

  1. Two carrying styles – Your Choice!

Our unique SDCS (Strap Duel Connecting System) shoulder strap mechanism allows you to effortlessly change the strap’s connection from the “Messenger” position, for safe and secure carrying of your gear across your back to “Shoulder” position, for quick access to all your equipment. The wide (50mm/2”) strap provides two buckles for quick and easy adjustment to the proper length, and a diagonal stabilizing strap assists in fastening the bag to your body.

  1. With or without photography gear – it’s entirely up to you.

Inside the Messenger bag you’ll find a padded insert bag designed in “Doctor Bag” style which allows for storage and organization of a surprising amount of professional photography equipment. Don’t plan on taking any pictures today? Not a problem. Just take out the insert and all your equipment will be waiting for you at home or in the studio, protected and organized. In addition, the insert also contains four detachable dividers which allow you to organize your equipment either by necessity or by personal taste.

  1. Lots of room – even for your personal gear.

The Messenger bag offers an organized, rainproof space to store all of your personal gear. Among others, you’ll find a designated area for a laptop up to 14.5” in size, a zipper-closed frontal external pocket, an internal organizer for stationary and even a mesh pocket for a bottle of water.

In addition, you’ll find inside the Messenger bag the Utility Pouch, for storage of additional batteries, cables and other small items.

  1. Folding bottom, lightweight and tough for perfect protection.

The bottom part of the Messenger is designed with Thermo-Forming technology, which allows to create a durable and lightweight base. A unique feature of the base is its ability to fold into two in order to make the Messenger extremely compactible when the insert bag is removed.

  1. Don’t leave your tripod at home.

At the front of the Messenger we made sure to include the tripod holder, which allows for comfortable attachment of your tripod, so you can comfortably carry your tripod, and make sure you have extremely sharp shots in all situations.

  1. Trolley Insert – for easy carry even on a suitcase.

The Trolley Insert system is located on the back of the bag and allows you to slide the Messenger onto any suitcase’s extending handle – for easier carry.



  • Large DSLR body (such as Canon 5D mark 4)
  • 70-200 mm. f/2.8
  • 2 medium size lenses (such as 24-70 mm. f/2.8)
  • Flash unit
  • 14.5” laptop
  • Tripod
  • Extra personal belongings


External Dimensions – main bag

  • Length: 41 cm. / 16.1 inch
  • Height: 28 cm. / 11 inch
  • Depth: 16 cm. / 6.3 inch

Internal Dimensions – insert bag

  • Length: 35 cm. / 13.8 inch
  • Height: 23 cm. / 9 inch
  • Depth: 12 cm. / 4.7 inch



  • Miggo Agua Messenger
  • Main padded strap
  • Diagonal stabilizing strap
  • Photo gear insert bag
  • 1 long divider
  • 1 short divider with pockets
  • 2 short dividers
  • Utility pouch
  • 2 tripod holder straps
  • 2 years’ warranty
  • Owner’s manual